Children are the most beautiful present of the nature to this mankind.
Generally we all love and adore children,which they definetly deserve,because of those pure and natural laughter,curiosity an enegetic childish activities.
Each adult of today has gone through this stage of age and they know the well established truth and importance of this period of life.Despite this ,we still face child labour as a major social evil of today’s society.
In India child labour is the employment of children below the age of 14 in any industry or business.
There are numerous children who go to the factories in place of schools,they are called as labours instead of student,they are surrounded with hazardous chemicals and equipments inplace of colourful books and copies.
The childhood of these children are being killed each day.
This is the reason why child labour is a curse to our soviety.

As child labour is prominently a social problem,so it is very much urgent that the change must being wirhin the society.

For this change:–
● The general public need to be made aware of the evil consequence as of child labour.
●Government should provide employment to the adult family member of the house to make them financialy independent enough to educate their children.
●Government must strictly impliment the fundamental rights to educate along with the strict enforcement of child labour prevention causes.
●Price of educational stuffs and institutional fees should be relaxed to its minimum.
A child is like a soil.It is the duty of this younger generation that these deprived children must be moulded towards better future.

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